Hey friends: Let's have a brighter 2017 together. And lots of music.

I’m not out of the woods yet. I’m building a better home here in the wild. This is the soundtrack.
— Steven Jackson

Will you join me in the real-time making of the Brighter Things soundtrack? Beginning Jan. 1, 2017, I'll begin sharing new songs, stories and videos here weekly. Your favorites will be re-recorded and released on "A Home in the Wild" in 2018.

Why? Because I have half-beaten a decade-long battle with a genetic metabolic disorder, anxiety and depression. Because I spent years trying to drown those ailments in cabernet  – instead of making the art that is my life raft. Because I'm sober now. Because I know it might take music, meds, wise wordsyoga and patience to stay that way. Because we're all celebrating and suffering and trying to balance the two together.

So, I'm writing a sound track to this life. Not a social-media-shined version of it. Songs about big love and being present. About the pain we fight alone in silence – and the stuff we beat by raising voices, locking hands and facing the full catastrophe. I might throw in some nudity, profanity and sex just for 21st century appeal. I hope we'll all be able to unearth some magic in the places I am still learning to mine. Please comment, hum along, stomp your feet and share this experiment with friends so we might all sing a little louder into this brutiful world. Get all the songs free as they are posted & let me know your favorites >