Steven Jackson / Brighter Things Tour Dates

OK, to be truthful, this page is more of a response to a FAQ. "When and where are you playing live?" The answer: "Every day." But in my cozy little studio where there is no intense stage fright, anxiety or free wine. It's tucked below the stairs in my house so I don't have to abandon my family to travel the country's motels, gas stations and venues like I used to. 

Part of this experiment is making more music instead of driving more miles. And, I'm including lots of video & pics because maybe that brings us closer together. Maybe it tells the stories more vividly. Or maybe just because it might hold our collective attention spans for more than 3 seconds :)

So ... tour dates? Only if I'm invited & the moon is right. And, of course, you can see me pretty close to "live" in the free weekly song blog. See you there >